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Myth vs Scientific Facts

Myths vs Scientific Facts Ask the average 40-year-old Jamaican female professional what she knows about ganja and she may well respond: “very little” since she has never tried it. “I think there’s high grade and low-grade ganja. Beyond that. I really don’t know”, she might add. There is also the gentleman in his mid-50s, Sunday school teacher who says he grew up in a community in which the farmers interspersed ganja with their regular crops; but that he has never smoked …

Medical use of cannabis and ongoing research

Medical Use of Cannabis and Ongoing Research   Ongoing research into the medical uses of cannabis (ganja) continues to shed new light on the prevailing attitudes of Jamaicans towards this product.Scientific rigour is now validating much of the historical wisdom regarding the wide array of medicinal uses of cannabis that has been passed down through generations of Jamaicans, in their search for remedies for a range of illnesses.The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) is supportive of ongoing research and development into …

Sacramental use of ganja

 Sacramental Use of GanjaJamaicans Rastafarians have made a passionate case for the “freeing up” of ganja for decades. Ganja is an important part of their sacrament in adherence to the Rastafarian faith. Through music and cultural practices, Jamaican Rastas have also extolled the medicinal virtues of Cannabis.With the passage of the Dangerous Drugs Act (Amendment) Act in May 2015, Jamaica became the first country respond to the advocacy of Rastafarians in a measured way by decriminalizing the use of ganja, …